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The Greatest Last Place Finish Ever!

john-stephen-akhwariThe story of John Stephen Akhwari, an African runner representing Tanzania in the 1968 Olympics. I share this with you because it seems to me that we have become a society that thinks if I can’t win than why bother, either I won’t even try or I’ll just quit if it gets too hard.  I believe sports is such a good metaphor for life.   Starting and then finishing what we started is real winning in sports and in life.  It has become too easy to quit.  We would do well to remember  John Stephen Akhwari who epitomized for us back in 1968 what it means to finish the race.  He honored his commitment to both himself and his country when he finished the race and as a result he was a winner in the hearts of people around the world.

Giving up not an option for John Stephen Akhwari

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