It Starts with Pricing Your Home Correctly.

A complete market analysis will help you determine where your home should be priced. To be clear, the list price is not an exact science but rather a calculated range that could net you 10% more money in your pocket. Additional factors including the condition of your home and the market exposure your home gets. Until you know your competition and previous comparable sales, you won't have an idea of your home's true market value.

Pricing correctly is the one thing most home owners and real estate agents get wrong and is the number one reason a home doesn't sell. Many real estate agents just want the listing and figure they'll get you to the right price once you get no offers. The problem with this thinking is that during that waiting period, potential buyers have by-passed your home and bought something else that was priced correctly.

Maximum Market Exposure Brings All the Buyers!

Contrary to popular belief listing agents don't sell homes, buyers agents sell homes. A recent analysis showed that less than 10% of the time a listing agent sold his/her own listing and that makes sense. Listing agents are good at selling you to list with them but leave the actual selling of your home to a buyer's agent.

90% of all real estate sales happen with a buyer's agent so it's your job and ours (if you hire us) to attract those buyers agents to bring their buyers to your home. Our marketing is second to none in getting buyers agents to put your home on their must show list and they'll hope and pray their buyers will love your home and make an offer.

But Before the Marketing Starts, You'll Need to Get Your Home in Showroom Condition.

ust like going out on that first date, you want to make your home look its best. That means correcting all the little and big problems you've neglected or maybe don't even know about. We recommend a professional home inspection that will find all the same problems a buyer will find when they have your home inspected. Correcting these problem now, before your buyer's inspector finds them, will eliminate these issues and prevent a price reduction or even worse, a cancelled purchase.

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