About Us

About Us

We're changing the real estate industry to benefit Sellers and Buyer, not the real estate agent that lists your home for sale. You see the old way t worked was for your listing agent to put a sign in your yard and then waits for a Buyer's Agent to bring their buyer to sell your home while they're out looking for their next home to list.  They know, just because you've listed your home for sale with them, they'll collect 50% or more of the commission you're offering to get your house sold.  We think that's crazy!

Let us explain:

In traditional real estate, on avergage, less than 10% of the time the agent that lists your home for sale actually sells it.  Let me say that another way, the agent that lists your home for sale will sell it themself less than 10% of the time yet they take 50% or more of your commission.  90% of the time, another agent, called a buyer's agent, will sell your home.  They are the agents working with home buyers that will see your home is for sale and bring their buyer to see it.

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