Our $1,000 Buyer Guarantee!

WE GUARANTEE our clients that we will obtain for them at least a 5.00% reduction in the final cost of the home they purchase, saving them thousands of dollars* or we will pay them $1,000 at closing!

We work hard for our clients to get them the best price possible on their new home and we back it up with our $1,000 buyer’s guarantee. You won’t find any other real estate agent offering this guarantee.

* Example 1: A 5% reduction in the final cost of a home listed for $100,000 means your purchase price must be $95,000 or less. If we do not reduce your cost by at least $5,000 we will pay you $1,000 at closing. Minimum purchase price of $100,000 to qualify for guarantee.

Example 2: A 5% reduction in the final cost of a home could also mean we negotiated sell assistance to help you with your closing cost that would reduce your out of pocket expenses the equivalent of 5% of the list price.

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